Moderator: Tim Hanson

The moderator presides at town and school annual meeting by keeping the discourse on track, ruling on points of order, and otherwise making sure that the meeting runs well.

Selectboard: Laurie Cox, Perry Hanson, Ron Wimett

The selectboard is responsible for the roads, prepares the town budget, sets the tax rate, appoints town officers, authorizes expenditures, manages town property, and other affairs of the town. A clerk of selectboard (“board clerk”) is hired by the selectboard to carry out administrative duties such as researching and drafting ordinances, preparing agendas, minutes and correspondence, administering grants, and preparing the budget for board review.

Listers: Alison Joseph Dickinson, Beth Eliason Erik Eriksen

Delinquent Tax Collector: Kathleen Sullivan

Justices of the Peace: Anza Armstong, Tim Hanson, Perry Hanson, Warren King, Kim Kimler

The JPs perform marriages and administer oaths, help at elections, serve on the Boards of Civil Authority and Abatement.

The following elected offices are considered archaic; they are rarely or never used, but exist by statute:

Constable: has the authority to arrest, perform searches and seizures within the town, and serve criminal or civil processes, but is not encouraged to do any of these – the sheriff or state police are.
Town Grand Juror: May present offenses that in his/her judgment ought to be prosecuted, but the State’s Attorney now does this job.
Town Agent: prosecutes and defends suits for the town or school district. Today, this role is almost always delegated to the town’s attorney.

Board of Civil Authority: comprised of the selectboard, town clerk, and justices of the peace; the principal policy- making body for elections.
Board of Abatement: comprised of the selectboard, town clerk, town treasurer, justices of the peace, and listers; hears property tax appeals and tax abatements.