E911 Map for Ripton

Ripton Fire & First Response is a volunteer fire and first response department dedicated to meeting the needs of our community.  New volunteers are welcome.

BURN PERMITS are required when there is no snow cover. Call 388-4506 or 388-3629.

Non-emergency contact information:
Ripton Fire Station: 25 Dugway  (off Lincoln Road near the elementary school; see map)
Mailing address: PO Box 125, Ripton VT 05766  Phone: +1 (802) 388-4506

Officers & Members
Erik Eriksen, Chief and Fire Warden, +1 (802)

Ceredwyn Alexander, EMT
Justin Allen
Jake Codding
Ron Dragon
Ross Elliott
Jay Harrington
Marty Kulczyk
Will Mathis
Erica Mathis
Mark Nelson, FF & EMT training officer
Reid Peck
Chris Pike, Safety Officer & Asst Chief
Billy Sneed
Alison Joseph, Assistant
Dorothy Gelinas, Dispatch

Specific wishes in an emergency: If you have specific wishes regarding the care you receive during a medical crisis, you must complete a DNR/COLST (Do Not Resuscitate/Clinician Orders form Other Life Sustaining Treatment) and have it readily available in your home for emergency personnel.  Fill out the FORM with your doctor; post it on your refrigerator or other easy-to-find location. This form is in addition to an advanced directive. Contact us with your questions or visit the Vermont Department of Health website.